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Update your RSS Feed

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If this is the last post you’re seeing in your RSS feed, be sure to visit JustUseEmail.com soon and resubscribe to the RSS feed there.

I’m making some considerable changes to the site to handle the traffic volume (among many other needs) and the feed will be changing.

The new RSS feed will be at: https://www.justuseemail.com/index.xml.

If you can’t get that feed in your RSS reader yet, wait a few days and try again. I am finishing up the final touches on the new website and it will be posted soon. (You’ll also note that the new site itself will look different, so that will be another clue that the new RSS feed is ready).

Don’t worry: the new RSS feed will be a full feed (no summaries) so you can happily continue reading JustUseEmail in your favorite RSS reader. UPDATE: In October 2021, with the new non-SSG site update, I ended up create the feed by hand and just found it unnecessary to put the entire article in the feed. So sorry if you're a lover of full feeds. I do put a summary of a paragraph or two, so you'll see that in your reader, but if you want to read the whole thing, you'll have to click through to read it on the site here. If I hear from enough people about it, I'll look into doing a full feed again, but it's honestly not on my list of high priorities. Hey, but since this site is so blazing fast, a single click should have it to you in less than a second!

This post will not be on the new site very long (as it will eventually be irrelevant). UPDATE: I left it up, as you can plainly see. Might help someone out there.