Email Explained from First Principles

I noticed a most unusual post published yesterday by a Swiss man named Kasper Etter on a blog he calls Explained from First Principles. The post is simply called Email, but when combined with the title of his blog, you can see what he’s doing there.

It’s a very long post with lovely text and illustrations and even a handy PDF version for those who want to print it out all 141 pages and take it on your next 5 plane rides. Ahem! He’s also got a separate page of email tools that lists out every diagnostic tool imaginable.

I point this article out and interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming because his email article may be the single most comprehensive page about email technology on the internet.

Speaking of The Internet, he’s got a post about that too (which I did not even venture to scan because, my goodness, it’s deep).

If you’re a lover of email and you really want to know how they make the sauce, Etter’s post may be the best starting point I’ve seen in two decades. It’s not anything to do with what Just Use Email is all about, but considering it’s so deeply explanatory on the technology of email, I thought I’d mention it for those who love learning about the guts of things.

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